How Can We Stop Child Pornography?

Is it even possible to stop child pornography? 

First let’s define what constitutes child pornography.  Child pornography is pornographic material that depicts children in a sexual explicit activity. 

It is the sexual exploitation of children that is recorded for possession, distribution or sometimes both.

It usually involves prepubescent children.  However, it can involve children of any age including infants, pubescent and post pubescent children.

There has been adaptation to the term ‘child pornography’ some experts and scholars have challenged the term as pornography can imply some sort of consent as it does in the context of adult pornography.

It is also referred to as Child Sexual Abuse Material, Child Abuse Material (CAM) and Child Abuse Images (CAI).  However, it is still referred to as child pornography by law enforcement agencies, the law courts and across international boarders.

What is Child Abuse Material Used For?

The production of child pornography material is done for many reasons such as:

  •  Personal use for sexual gratification.

  • Preparing or grooming a child for sexual abuse.
  • Distribution and trading with other child sex offenders.

What Does Child Abuse Material Involve?

The production and distribution of child pornography basically involves children who are sexually abused to produce images or film that graphically depict:

  •  Nudity: nude or semi-nude

  • Penetration (vaginal or anal rape)
  • Digital Penetration (using objects)
  • Bondage
  • Children blinded and gagged
  • Torture
  • Bestiality

What Are The Different Formats Of Child Abuse Material?

Child Pornography can exist in many forms such as:

  •  Print
  • Digital images (PC and Laptops)

  • Film (motion and sound where children can be seen and heard crying and screaming)
  • Videotapes (for those who still use videos tapes)
  • CD/DVD’s
  • Websites (possess and distribute)
  • Animation (cartoons images/films)

What Role Does The Internet Play?

The internet has revolution out lives and one of the best features about it that you can find almost anything at the touch of a button and if you know where to look.  Unfortunately, the advancement of technology in this digital world, has made the production and distribution easier than ever before.

Pedophiles and child sex offenders use the internet to distribute and trade images of child abuse and some operate or are members of pedophile rings.

How To Stop Child Pornography.

If we are serious about stopping child pornography, it has to be a collective effort, not only by law enforcement, the courts and international agencies, but by vigilant citizens of the world. 

We may be able to prevent the production but how can we prevent the distribution?

If you discover a website that has child pornographic material, follow the following steps:

  • Make a note of the URL of the offending website.  The URL is found in the browser’s navigation window.  If may help to highlight, copy and paste.
  •  Use a search engine to find an online organization and who collaborate with other agencies to report the offending site electronically.  For example, citizens in the UK can visit
  •  Contact your local law enforcement department (police).  Some countries have a specific organization that addresses cyber crime including child pornography.

  •  Contact the hosting company of the offending site and/or your Internet Service Providers.

Possession and distribution of child pornography is a criminal offense in most industrialized countries.  You can find out if your country is a member state of Interpol.  You can also check if your country’s has specific laws addressing child pornography. 

There's international effort and collaboration between different jurisdictions; all it takes is one individual to report a suspicious site in one part of the world to make a difference somewhere else in this world.

Can we stop child pornography?  Maybe not, but we can at least try because behind these images is an abused child in need of out help.


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