Poems About Child Abuse

This page is dedicated to poetry where you can post your favorite poems about child abuse and neglect

Poetry is the use of spoken or written words.  It can be used for healing, recovery and personal growth in the form of poetry therapy by using your own life experiences or those of others and with some imagination.

“Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion; it is not the expression of personality, but an escape from personality.  But, of course, only those who have personality and emotions know what it means to want to escape from these things”.

~T.S Eliot

Most people know what a poem is.  Yet, it in incredible difficult to define and there are many varied definition as to what poetry is. Any given poem may not fit the parameters of a well define definition of poetry.  That is because a classic feature of poetry is its brevity.  Poetry enables you to say so much with very few words. A poem may convey a poignant message to some or evoke powerful emotions in others.


Do you have a favorite poem about child abuse?  You can post and share them here.  Be sure you have the author’s permission before doing so and also give credit to the original author.


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If so, this is your opportunity to share your poems with us. Feel free you post your own poems relevant to child abuse issues.  Remember to protect your copyrights before posting.

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The Silence of Memory Not rated yet
words that will never be spoken from mouths that will never be open from eyes that must remain shut not to see the memories unspoken. of a life already …

Floating  Not rated yet
im drowning in 1 foot of water afraid to stand up wading to the side of the stream getting snagged on a twig so small but I can't unhook myself from …

Healing Abuse by Forgiving Not rated yet
How to repair what you tore away Embedded each detail, causing dismay Anger, resentment, an eye for an eye Lingering doubt & questioning why Imminent …

my story Not rated yet
Hi my name's lj in man I do not trust for all hope was lost with a single touch he said he loved me and I believed that his words were true because I believed …

Frightened Yound Child Not rated yet
Look in my eyes tell me what you see Frightened young child who longs to be free all that I want I keep it hid Frightened young child alone I sit I …

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