Female Pedophiles

Do female pedophiles exist?

Yes, they certainly do and they are more common than we like to think. As we are all aware (or should be aware) child molesters are everywhere and they include both males and females.

While media attention and public awareness of female sex offenders have grown exponentially; society has been guilty of the invariable and innumerable characterizations of men as sexual predators and child molesters.

With the heavy preponderance on male pedophiles, society has, for far too long, over looked the female sex offender hiding behind the veil of the loving mother or the dedicated teacher.

Females labelled as pedophiles do not always fit the classic definition of pedophiles. Pedophilia is the exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children, having a ‘victim age preference’. The term 'female pedophile' can be ambiguous as a classification for female sex offenders since their victims may not fit into the specific age range; lacking the exclusive sexual attraction for prepubescent children as with pedophiles. This is true of the female teacher/lover perpetrator, and this category of a female sex offender would be classified more accurately as a hebephile rather than a pedophile.

Females fit into Three Different Categories.

  1. Female offenders who abuse children under 6. 
  2. Female offenders who abuse adolescent (hebephiles).
  3. Females offenders who abuse children as a co-predator.

  • He made me do it.

When we think of women who sexually abuse children, we can be mistaken in assuming they were forced to do by a male offender.

  • How do women get away with it?

Women get away with more as they are better at disguising it than male offenders. Society just does not want to believe it is possible.

After all women, women don’t do such horrid and vile things.

Women are supposed to be the maternal, weaker, more caring, loving and submissive of the two species.

  • Females are physiological different from males

Females are physiological different from males and don’t have the physical genitalia of males. However, women are known to use objects and are very cruel using a range of objects.

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