Brainwashing Children

Brainwashing children has unfortunately become a common feature of acrimonious separation or divorce of parents.  Parents at conflict have become desperate and resorting to brainwashing.

There are many tactics used by one parent to brainwash their children against the other parent.  This is known as hostile aggressive parenting.  It includes bad mouth the other parent or highlighting their obvious weakness. 

In reality, most if not all, parents who are in conflict with each other, may be guilty on bad mouthing the other parent whether they realize it or not or whether it is intended or not. 

No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes sometimes and parents may also make  mistakes in how they behave, make choices and decisions  with regards to their children.

Another classic tactic of a parent brainwashing their children against a parent is the de-identification of the children from the other parent by changing their surname.

The problem with brainwashing children is that this type of behavior is psychological damaging to children. 

Firstly, the children are stuck in the middle of an unnecessary loyalty contest; a contest that should not be played and has no real winners.

And secondly, sometimes children are forced to choose between their parents, basically choosing between two people they both love.

In some serious cases of separation, some parents will alienate their child or children from the other parent.  This is known as parental alienation.

Children are often the wounded casualties when families break up and end in divorce, especially when the separation is acrimonious and the children are used as weapons. 

Ironically, both sides will claim to have the best interest of their children.

Brainwashing children to despise, resent or think and behave negatively by one parent against another teaches children not only to hate their own parent but to hate in general. 

A child or children who are taught to hate as part of a brainwashing campaign will begin to pay attention and focus on the negative aspects of the other parent rather than pay attention and focus on the positives ones.

The children will be blind-sighted by any good the target parent may have done in the past or any good they may do in the present or future.

Teaching children to hate a particular person, especially their own parent, is basically teaching them to hate themselves or part of themselves.  After all, they were made and genetically fifty percent of the other parent.

However, a parent who is successful at brainwashing their children to hate and despite the other parent has taught them to be generally hateful and negative human beings.

Unfortunately, they may become hostile towards the other people too and not just the intended targeted parent.

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